Black Lives Matter- A Message From Our Founders

Today we are breaking the silence on behalf of all Kadre team members. 

As a 50% veteran owned and 100% black leadership company, we felt that it's our responsibility and a part of our core mission and values to use our platform to speak on what we all know as a broken system in America. 

We at Kadre are heartbroken by the recent events surrounding the tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Cameron Lamb, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, Botham Jean, and many other black people. It is yet another example of the institutionalized racism that plagues America. We stand with all of those who are saddened, angered, and seeking change.

To be silent is to be complicit. We have a duty to our Black community and our employees, partners, family members, contractors, and children to speak up.

Racism and discrimination — in any form, at any level — is unacceptable. And what's also unacceptable is silence. Silence amounts to complicity. We cannot remain quiet on issues of injustice in humanity. Silence is deafening, and by not openly talking about racism and discrimination, it grows in the shadows. 

We refuse to be helpless in a time of such great need. We will be working as a company to figure out how we can have the most significant impact on creating, building, and sustaining financial and economic wealth and legacy within the black community. With that said, we will be taking real action moving forward along the following lines:

  • Social Posts and Public Statements: We will voice our support for the Black community and peaceful protests starting with this statement and in ongoing posts moving forward.
  • Donations and Support: We will donate to charities and support local businesses. We will continue to look for other financial ways and organizations to support in the future.
  • Education and Resources: We will share links to articles, support groups, charities, and other helpful resources to increase awareness and provide opportunities for others to get involved.
  • Hiring Practices: We will ensure equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusivity by hiring people that make our team more diverse and representative of our community.

The leadership is tasking ourselves with actionable deadlines to combat this lack of diversity and transparency that we're all facing today.  Continue to Call and write your legislative leaders and PEACEFULLY protest as OUR LIVES DEPENDS ON IT — BECAUSE IT DOES. 

We are always committed to helping black entrepreneurs, business owners, and the black community grow. 

Enough is Enough!

Rich Sibert CEO & Co-Founder 

Ray Savage CFO & Co-Founder